Thursday, June 03, 2004

The CD has left the building!

Wow. After months of development, VBSalt 1.0 shipped. The blue and silver CDs arrived today from the printers. They look great. It's hard to believe that months of work turns into just a bunch of bits.

I saw the movie “Pieces of April” last week. It’s about a woman, April, who is trying to cook Thanksgiving dinner in her little apartment. The stove breaks, and she spends most of the movie wandering her apartment building trying to borrow a stove. Things get worse. The bird gets kidnapped. A dog bites off a leg. She starts to think this dammed turkey will never get cooked.

If you’re thinking that wandering the halls with a half-cooked turkey in your arms sounds a lot like developing a software product, you would be right. Well, our “bird” is ready thanks to the unending persistence of

Fouad & Jim (chefs)

Dicky, Hui, and Val (associate chefs)

Mark and Bela (chief tasters)

Melanie (invitations)

Mark and Andrew (menu selection)

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