Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mondrian at Google

Python's inventor Guido van Rossum is at Google. His first project was a tool for code reviews called Mondrian. Described here and in a video.

This is a revealing glimpse of a 21st-century software development organization.
  • Heavy use of tools to automate the organization's own development process.
  • Social not silos. Developers can view other developer's Mondrian dashboard. The tool is an enabler, not a rule enforcer. The review process itself builds relationships between senior and junior staff.
  • Save everything. Mondrian saves every reviewed source file and all comments. Great for resolving customer problems months later. Also great for tracking metrics.

Other notes
  • data encrypted on HD so when throw out server no privacies worries
  • Google uses perforce (p4) but no developer branches! Means code reviews must work with files on dev machines. They use NFS so anyone can browse anyone else's machine
  • runs on one box! in python
  • uses Google BigTable

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