Monday, February 26, 2007

Announcing the SpeakRight Framework

There's been a big change in direction for me in the last month. I'm going open-source. Spent the last month learning Java and Eclipse...and creating an open-source VoiceXML framework called the SpeakRight Framework. It's a code-based approach to writing speech recognition apps that, I believe, results in much higher code re-use and therefore faster development time. Also, modern Java IDEs are amazingly smart and helpful. A good Intellisense (called Code Assist in Eclipse) is as good as a GUI-based/property page approach.

Currently SpeakRight has only been tested on the Voxeo community site. It's VoiceXML 2.0.

A key part of the plan are "SROs". SpeakRight Objects are re-usable speech objects that, being open-source, should help encourage a growing body of components to build speech apps out of.

Can't wait to try SpeakRight out on Linux, and on MSS 2007!

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